August 26 - November 27, 2016

A local businesswoman, who owns a beer hall in town, has had a lifelong ambition to bring an authentic Oktoberfest to her community. She is zealously driven to produce this event fueled by the fact that she is a distant descendant of King Ludwig and Queen Theresa, whose marriage celebration was the impetus for the first Oktoberfest. She’s invested money to produce an Oktoberfest celebration in her beer hall and hired a high-energy Master of Ceremonies to host the event, but she and the M.C. have different visions of what the event should be: the producer wants to portray the history behind Oktoberfest, whereas the M.C. wants to host a lively musical party. These battle between Emcee and producer sends the troupe of hapless performer spinning out of control into hilarious chaos. An Oktoberfest celebration you will never forget.

Video Snippets

  • The Beer Song

  • Almost true

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